In cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, SOLEXIO is voluntarily recalling the SOLEXIO STYLR Model 8081-001. At SOLEXIO, the safety of our consumers is our top priority.

To determine if your SOLEXIO STYLR is on the recall list, we kindly ask that you please:

1. Locate the serial number (SN) on the compliance label, which is visible when the STYLR is unlocked. 13 Alphanumeric serial number required for refund. 

2. Then use the images and instructions below to determine if your STYLR is on the recall list.

NEED HELP? The phone support team can help.

Please call us at 1-866-470-1574 (USA), from 9am to
9pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday.

GREY STYLR Compliance Label Example Photo

PINK STYLR Compliance Label Example Photo

If your STYLR is within the recall range, please follow the 4 easy steps below to get a refund.

ATTENTION: If your STYLR is not within the recall range, you are not affected by the recall and do not need to take any action.



  • Take a photograph of the STYLR before proceeding. You will need this photo to obtain your refund.

Example: Before Photos 


  • Cut the cord approximately 6 to 7 inches away from the base of the STYLR as shown below.

No special tools are required. Standard pair of scissors will do. 


  • Take another photograph of the STYLR after cutting the cord (example photo shown below)
  • Make sure that the cut cord and serial number (SN) are visible in the photo.
  • You will need this photo to obtain your refund and the serial number must be readable. 

Example: After Photo 


After completing above, please fill out the form below which will ask for you to upload the before and after photos.


Solexio has become aware that the electric power cord of the recalled hair stylers (STYLR) may become detached if dropped on a hard surface, posing a risk of electrocution or shock to users.

Consumers should

  • Immediately stop using the recalled hair stylers. Unplug the units from the electrical socket.
  • Contact Solexio to receive a refund.
  • Consumers must have the product in their possession and will be asked to provide photographs in order to process their refund.

Four to six weeks from completion of required customer information.

These products must be destroyed by cutting off the plugs so that we can be certain they will not pose a risk to you or others. We appreciate your cooperation.

Please review the label on your product

The product has “78T0100” for pink models and “78T0300” for gray models printed on the black and
gray label.

As shown in the provided photo of the black and gray label, affected pink models list the middle three
numbers of the serial number following the code 8081 as between 147-253 and affected gray models
list the middle three numbers of the serial number following the code 8081 as between 147-253.